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“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you…”

-Isaiah 6:13a

Our mothers nourished us when we were hungry, stayed up all night when we were sick, wiped our noses, changed our diapers, gave us warmth and safety. They gave up their work to care for us, or worked twice as hard as before to support us. They have loved us more than they love themselves; our needs came before their own dignity. They have been our shield, our guiding lamp, our rock, our healer, our boss, our teacher, long before we knew our God. They felt our pain as though it were theirs; they mourned over our losses and wept over our sins. The women who gave birth to us literally broke their bodies and shed their blood to give us life, often with very little recognition or respect. No mom is perfect, but it is difficult to imagine a person who embodies the essence of Christ more than a mother does. 

Our expectations of mothers fly high beyond what we expect of anyone else. Empathy, selflessness, patience, gentleness, endurance, grace, wisdom… this doesn’t come automatically with the gig; it is through the Holy Spirit and our mothers’ hard work that any of those virtues are even possible. Express gratitude this week (but not just this week) to your mom, your grandma, or whoever else has been motherly to you, AND to the God who created all of us.

Sermon Sneak Peek

This week we are contemplating the 9th commandment, “Do not bear false witness.” We will hear from God’s Word about how lies poison human relationships, and learn from God’s faithfulness how to be trustworthy in our dealings with our neighbors in an age permeated with lies.

Stay tuned…

Happy News of the Week

Jade and Mikey, a Colorado couple, were 34 weeks pregnant when they discovered that Jade had COVID-19 and preeclampsia, putting their baby at risk of contracting the coronavirus as well as the both of them at high risk of pregnancy complications. In spite of Jade’s breathing problems due to the virus, her high blood pressure, the preeclampsia, and a month-early delivery date, her son Marcos was born via C-section a relatively healthy “preemie.”

The new parents could not see Marcos in person for the week after delivery, as they had to be kept in quarantine and Marcos in neonatal intensive care, but on April 11 Jade was discharged from the hospital along with her son. Jade and Mikey are now caring for Marcos at home.

The loneliness and uncertainty of this time is a heavy burden for all of us, but there is enormous encouragement to be found in the strength of a mother, the steadfastness of a father, and the blessing of new life amidst the chaos.

For more of this story: https://www.uchealth.org/today/story-of-giving-birth-while-covid-positive/ 


  • Sunday, May 10 10:00am: Sunday Worship
  • Wednesday, May 13 2:00pm: Women’s Bible Study
  • Wednesday 6:30pm: Overflow Gathering (Contact Anne Geiges for details)
  • Thursday, May 14 7:00pm: Prayer Meeting
  • Friday, May 15 4:30pm: LWYG Bible Study Password: lwyg (We would like to move the time earlier in the afternoon if possible. Parents, students and teachers, please look out for Amy’s email.)

All events will be held on Zoom. Click on the links to join!

College Ministry

We are continuing our ramen run to encourage students. If you haven’t received ramen yet and would like to, please reach out to Han Lee at hanjlee@gmail.com, or to your small group leader. And if you need other things–toilet paper, feminine products, fruit, a meal, etc.–don’t hesitate to ask for that as well!

Please keep our students in prayer that they may finish the semester well.

Service Opportunities

Living Water is seeking more people who can step up to leadership. People are needed in the Welcoming, Outreach and Diaconal (mercy) ministries. Please contact any of the current leaders if the Lord moves your heart to serve.

Missionary update

COVID-19 has affected practically everyone on the globe and our missionaries Ahee Kim and Josephine Loh are not exempted from it. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in navigating changes in their work.

Online Office Hours with Pastor David

If you would like to meet with Pastor David, you can contact him at pastordavid@livingwatercrc.org to set up a virtual meeting. Pastor David would love to get to know everyone who comes to Living Water!

Some Things to Pray About This Week

  • For students to be motivated to study
  • For those who lost their jobs and are struggling with finance
  • For the safety and courage of medical staff and other essential workers
  • For those of us who are away from family
  • For us to grow in faith through our struggles
  • For the world to seek God’s face and ask for forgiveness and healing

See you all Sunday.

Many blessings and much love,


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