Day 29 – Luke 10:25-37 – The Parable of the Good Samaritan

This very famous parable is a second response to the question of an expert in the law.  Why didn’t the priest and Levite help the half-dead man?  What does this say about the law?  Remember how Jesus talked about the Sabbath (Day 23), and how we should obey the law.  

Day 30 –  Luke 11:1-13 – Jesus’s Teaching on Prayer 

We read the Lord’s prayer before in the sermon on the Mount.  This passage focuses on asking for our daily bread.  What does this bread mean?  

Day 31 – John 11:1-57 – Martha, Mary and Lazarus
(Short version – John 11:1-44)

The whole chapter is one story.  The beginning and end of the chapter points to a bigger story than Lazarus.  Who is this story really about?  How is Lazarus’s resurrection different from the other resurrection stories like Jairus’ daughter? 

Day 32 – Luke 15:1-2 & 11-32 – Parable of the Lost Son 

This parable is in response to Pharisees grumbling in verse 1-2.  The older son is like them in the story.  What is the Father’s response to the older son at the end?  Who did Jesus came to save according to this parable?  

Day 33 – Luke 19:1-9 – Zaccheaus the Tax Collector

Reflecting on yesterday’s story, read this story of a chief tax collector.  What is the significance of Jesus saying Zaccheaus is also the son of Abraham?  

Day 34 – Matthew 21:1-11 – The Triumphal Entry 

Now we come to the beginning of Holy Week.  Jesus is going to Jerusalem to suffer and die.  Why is Jerusalem significant?  Why does Jesus make elaborate preparations to ride a donkey? 


Amy Hwang

Amy is the Faith Formation Ministry Leader at Living Water CRC.

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