Reading Day 11 – 16

Day 11 – Matthew 3:1-16 Baptism of Jesus
(Short version – Matthew 3:4-6 & 13-17)

We finally have Jesus in action!  The passage starts by explaining John the Baptist’s ministry.  What was the importance of baptism?  How does it prepare for Jesus’s ministry?  Why did Jesus have to be baptized when he had no sin?

Day 12 – Matthew 4:1-11 The Temptation of Jesus

We come to the passage where Lent’s 40 days comes from.  Why do you think Jesus had to be tempted?  All the scripture that Jesus quotes is from Deuteronomy.  As we read in Day 2, what is the heart of Deuteronomy?  How does that apply to Jesus, and to us as we are on our lenten journey?

Day 13 – John 1:35-51  Jesus’s First Disciples
(Short version – John 1:35-42)

As Jesus starts his public ministry, he first gathers his disciples.  How is this story different from the other “fishers of men” accounts in other Gospels? “Come and see” is a theme in these two stories.  What happens when the disciples “come and see”?

Day 14 – John 2:1-11  Jesus Changes Water to Wine

This is the very first miracle of Jesus.  This miracle is like a parable showing Jesus’ mission.  “The hour” that Jesus mentions is when he is glorified upon the cross.  What kind of water does Jesus use for the miracle, and how does this story show Jesus’s mission?

Day 15 – John 2:12-25  Jesus clears the Temple
(Short version – John 2:13-23)

This story that follows the first miracle also shows Jesus’s mission.  This temple clearing is different from the one that is in the latter chapters in other Gospels (that we may be more familiar with).  Do you see the same mission in this story as the first miracle we read yesterday?

Day 16 – John 3:1-21  Jesus Teaches Nicodemus
(Short version – John 3:1-6 & 16-21)

We have the passage with the most beloved Bible verse- 3:16.  However, reading the passage it seems more complicated.  What does it mean to be born-again? Why do you think Jesus is sharing all these truths to a pharisee?

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