Day 9 – Luke 2:1-20 The Birth of Jesus

Finally Jesus’s birth! It is day 9 in our 40 day journey, and finally we get to meet Jesus in person!  This is the Christmas story, and because we have been waiting for so long, I feel like we have actually gone through the Advent season when we wait eagerly for our Messiah.  And now that he is here, we are just so joyful!  

I read the passage with my merry Christmas voice. 

The boys remember this passage, because we memorized and recited this during our Christmas service.  I was impressed that they still remembered their verses. We recap the story, and the boys remember Pastor Sung saying that the shepherds were “low” people like lepers during the Christmas sermon.  I ask them if they knew what that meant to be “lowly.”  They don’t quite know, so we explained that those people who were not respected or liked very much in the community.  They were the opposite of kings.  Nobody really cared for them.  But God did!  He cared so much that God sent his angels to tell them of the great news first!  

Now when we read of David being mentioned in the New Testament, we have a better understanding of its significance.  We remember that God gave a promise to David and that he remembered and kept that promise.  Jesus didn’t just suddenly appear in the New Testament.  Jesus was present from the very beginning and was promised over and over.  We are now celebrating Jesus’s first coming.  He came not for the elite, but for the lowly sinners.  He came for us! 

This is a great story that all children can listen to from beginning to end!

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