As we have been going through Lent, the children are becoming more engaged, while John and I are becoming less engaged.  Bible time marks the end of the day, and by the end of the day we are both exhausted and half awake.  The children ask for Bible time, and John and I drag ourselves to it. 

Today was that day.  As we are reading this passage, and John and I are just going through the motions.  I didn’t prepare for the passage (I barely found the passage in time for our Bible time), so I don’t really have much to say.  I am so tired, and so I ask John to talk about it.  We are both trying to remember if there was something meaningful other than the obvious story.

We compared Jairus with the centurion that we read a couple days ago.  We realize again how great the centurion’s faith was, since most people, like Jairus, would want Jesus to come and heal where they could see.  

This story has a lot of meaning and heart, but today our hearts were not in it.  It is a story of two daughters, and how Jesus loves and heals both, but we did not talk too much about it with our boys. It was a short Bible time for us.

I ask for grace, and I pray that tomorrow will be better.  I do love doing our Bible time, because of how Evan and Ian prays.  Before Lent, getting them to pray even a sentence was hard, because they never knew what to pray for.  Now they pray reflecting the message that we learned, and many times, it is very heartfelt, and John and I are humbled and amazed at their change. 

(Short version – Matthew 9:18-26)


Amy Hwang

Amy is the Faith Formation Ministry Leader at Living Water CRC.

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