We are continuing Jesus’s sermon and learning how we should think and act as God’s people.  

In first half of the chapter, we read about what we shouldn’t do and should do, and through that we learn that even doing good things can become a sin if our heart is not for God.  When our hearts are more concerned about what other people think about us than what God thinks about us that is sin.  Again, sin is not just about what we see (actions), but the unseen (heart).  Jesus keeps targeting our hearts and motives.  Are we living for the love of ourselves or for the love of God? 

The second half of the chapter talks about basic material needs – food, clothing and money.  For the children, this passage isn’t as relatable, because they don’t worry about money (or food or clothes).  They have parents that provide everything they need.  They just occasionally wish they had more money to buy better and newer toys, but they never worry or are anxious about money.   Hmm.. seems like that is what Jesus is saying to us.  We also have a heavenly Father who provides everything we need!

Why don’t we believe that we have a heavenly Father who provides everything we need?  It is because we forget that we have a loving caring Father who knows us, and who is active in our lives.  The world tells us that God is not real or if he is, is not doing anything in our personal lives.  However, Jesus keeps reminding us of God’s character.  He is a loving compassionate God who sent his only son Jesus to die for us.  Jesus comes and lives with us, suffers and dies for us.  Jesus’s name is Immanuel – God with us.   

This is why we read the Bible, so we can remember who our real security is in our daily lives.

We don’t live for other people’s approval like the hypocrites, but for God’s. 

(Short version – Matthew 6:1-15 & 25-34)


Amy Hwang

Amy is the Faith Formation Ministry Leader at Living Water CRC.

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