Gather. Grow. Go.

Mission & Vision


Living Water is a loving community, called to glorify God and raise disciples, who actively live the Gospel in the world.


  • Child of God
    • Our true identity is in the fact that we are child of God, adopted and saved by grace, which means that we are free from sin and death and free from the lies from our past.
  • A Spirit-led Church
    • We believe that we are called to experience spiritual growth through the local church
  • A Missional Church
    • We believe in the calling for our church to be not inward but to be looking outward toward the world
  • Cultural Context
    • We are a community specifically called to minister to people who fall into the 3rd-culture category.  Over 9/10, immigrant children leave church to never return.
  • A Connected, Covenant Church
    • We are part of a larger covenant community, but invisible and visible.  We are a community that reaches broadly and partners with numerous churches in North America.

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